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"This is an important first step in reaching out."

My name is Chris Meehan

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In My own Words

As a Psychotherapist and Integrative Trauma Recovery

Trained Specialist, I treat the whole person—body,

mind, and soul. Life ebbs and flows, and at times, we

can find ourselves in the rapids of despair and

confusion. It’s easy to fall into the trap of defining

ourselves by our struggles, which only leads us to

forget our true story and diminish who we really are.

Together, we can clear the fog of dysfunction and doubt

so the light, and your light can shine through you to

illuminate your path and guide you to reveal and

recovery the purpose for your life.

I have extensive experience treating clients with a wide

variety of concerns, including treatment-resistant clients

suffering from severe depression, anxiety, complex

trauma, and substance abuse.

I consult with some of the best psychiatrists in

California and I have a series of referrals if needed.


Let's connect and talk!

I'm here and ready to listen...

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